Stop The Stink! 4 Tips For Preventing Stink Bugs In Your Home

From roaches and rats to spiders and bats, the number of pests that may affect your home is overwhelming. Termites are responsible for enormous damage to the home, and certain spiders can bite and cause serious reactions. While not responsible for damaging the home or affecting your health, stink bugs can release a foul odor that will turn stomachs and make your house very unappealing. Measuring around ¾-inch long, these small bugs will release odors that make a big impact.

3 Tips For Dealing With Raccoons In Your Attic

Raccoons can be cute, but they are also extremely mischevious and destructive. If you've noticed raccoons on your property and now hear loud scampering noises coming from the attic, raccoons are most likely up there chewing up your ceiling, insulation, and even your electrical wiring. Raccoons can be aggressive when cornered, especially if they've moved into your attic because one is pregnant and looking for a secure place to nest with her young.

4 Ways To Control Pests This Spring

Make sure that your home is protected against pests this spring. Spring is the time of year when pests return, and you are going to want to make sure that your home is ready to fight back against the pests. The more proactive you are, the less treatment you'll have to worry about, including cockroach and bed bug extermination. Trim Back Your Plants First, you are going to want to make sure that all of your bushes and plants are trimmed back away from your house.

6 Mistakes You're Making With Bed Bugs

Do the bed bugs just keep coming back? Or have you never been able to get rid of them? Bed bugs can seem like a recurring nightmare, but a properly treated infestation can be managed. There are some mistakes that are very commonly made that could prolong an infestation or even make it worse. 1. Moving Around in Your Home You find bed bugs in your bed, so you switch to the guest room.

Strategies For Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool Area

People all over the country are looking forward to spending time in the pool this summer, with Memorial Day being the traditional start of the swimming season. Pool owners may wonder how to keep mosquitoes away from the area so everyone can enjoy themselves without those pesky critters hovering around. Use some effective strategies to discourage mosquitoes from taking up residence on your property. Get Rid of Standing Water Mosquitoes breed and lay eggs in standing water.