Bug Off! Signs You Need To Hire A Pest Control Service

When it comes to your home, there's one problem you can't ignore: pests. You simply can't ignore the fact that you have bugs running around your home. If you've got bugs, you need to take action. If you've been trying to handle things on your own, it's time to hire a professional pest control company. If you're not sure you need a pest control company, take a look at the list below.

Three Tips To Keep Mice Out Of Your RV

People seem to have a natural aversion to mice, and for good reason, considering they can cause and spread diseases such as the plague and Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. They can also infest the kitchen and food supply. Unfortunately, mice and other rodents can also cause serious damage to your home and property. Recreational vehicles, like your trailer or camper, can be a prime target for rodents. Here are tips to keep your RV from becoming infested with mice.

Stop The Stink! 4 Tips For Preventing Stink Bugs In Your Home

From roaches and rats to spiders and bats, the number of pests that may affect your home is overwhelming. Termites are responsible for enormous damage to the home, and certain spiders can bite and cause serious reactions. While not responsible for damaging the home or affecting your health, stink bugs can release a foul odor that will turn stomachs and make your house very unappealing. Measuring around ¾-inch long, these small bugs will release odors that make a big impact.

3 Tips For Dealing With Raccoons In Your Attic

Raccoons can be cute, but they are also extremely mischevious and destructive. If you've noticed raccoons on your property and now hear loud scampering noises coming from the attic, raccoons are most likely up there chewing up your ceiling, insulation, and even your electrical wiring. Raccoons can be aggressive when cornered, especially if they've moved into your attic because one is pregnant and looking for a secure place to nest with her young.

4 Ways To Control Pests This Spring

Make sure that your home is protected against pests this spring. Spring is the time of year when pests return, and you are going to want to make sure that your home is ready to fight back against the pests. The more proactive you are, the less treatment you'll have to worry about, including cockroach and bed bug extermination. Trim Back Your Plants First, you are going to want to make sure that all of your bushes and plants are trimmed back away from your house.