Prepare For Residential Pest Control Services

Pest invasions commonly occur during the summer months. If you have chosen to have your land and home treated for pests this summer, prepare your residential property for the initial pest control appointment.

Pest Control

If you live in a region that experiences heavy rainfall during the hottest months of the year, the wet conditions may provide a suitable breeding environment for fleas, ticks, spiders, and other common household pests. A pest control technician who provides comprehensive services will treat lawns, siding, porches, and interior living spaces. 

The Appointment

First, find out what a pest control appointment will entail. If you aren't certain which types of pests could potentially invade your personal living space, a pest control technician may use a generalized pest control product that is designed to treat a range of insect species that are prevalent in the area where you live.

If you have already discovered a pest infestation, either outdoors or indoors, the pest control technician will request information about your findings. They will plan on using a specialized formula to treat pests outdoors and indoors. A product that will be administered indoors will likely be nontoxic. This ensures the safety of anyone who lives within your residence.

Property Preparations

Move loose items from outdoors. Make sure that there are no furnishings or other yard gear in areas that the pest control technician will be treating. Mow your grass before the pest control appointment.

A well-manicured lawn will be easy for your technician to access. They will be able to set up bait stations and administer other pesticide products without overgrowth getting in their way.

Home Preparations

The pest control technician may treat one or more rooms in your home. Move items from hallways and away from windows, doors, and walls. The pesticide application will likely require the technician to treat exterior structural materials. Moving loose items from the areas that will be treated will allow the technician to perform the application process exactly as they need to. 

Pet Preparations

If you have any pets, prepare an area indoors or outdoors for your pets to stay during the pest application process. Remove food and water bowls from any areas where a pesticide product will be applied.

Let the pest control technician know that you have pets that live with you. They will reassure you that the pest control products that are being administered will not be harmful to your pets.

Reach out to pest control services near you to learn more.