One Of The Best Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

No matter what season it is, one thing is for certain: pests can find their way into the home. There are varying methods of pest control, but the best way to stop them in their tracks is by taking preventative measures. There is one big solution that may help, and that is adding new TAP insulation. Here's why. 

Keep Bothersome Pests at Bay

When you see a mouse or pesky insect, there is a good chance that there is more where they follow. In most cases, it's only a matter of time before they start to invade and infest your home. For rodents, chewing is a real problem. Along with leaving their droppings behind, they can also leave a path of destruction as they chew their way through wood and other objects. Stopping them in their tracks starts with not allowing them to get in at all.

Not only can rodents sneak in through the tiniest of cracks, but other pests like cockroaches, squirrels, crickets, centipedes, stinkbugs, bat bugs, and termites can also apply for free housing in your attic and walls. 

Make the Attic and Walls Airtight

Sealing up your home with insulation is a good start. But using TAP insulation that contains a mild insecticide acts as a natural deterrent, so most pests don't stand a chance. TAP pest control insulation has an R-Value of R-3.6 per inch. Using blown-in insulation packs every corner thick and tight. This makes it very difficult for any pest to make its way through. 

In addition, the TAP insulation with its high R-value helps trap air and prevent drafts and air leaks. This improves your home's overall energy usage, reducing heat loss and controlling energy bills. 

A Long-Term Solution

Installing blown-in tap insulation is a long-term solution for pest control. It prevents having to set traps and constantly spray for a variety of different pests. Because insects, critters, and rodents require different traps for eradication, the process can be costly and time-consuming. Not only will installing TAP insulation boost energy efficiency, but it will also keep pests away for several years. 

While it's advisable to have routine pest control checks to keep critters at bay, TAP insulation helps keep things under control. It provides a security blanket to ensure that your home becomes immune to most pests. 

Having an infestation of any kind of pest can be stressful and costly on your monthly budget. Installing TAP insulation serves as a good preventative measure against most types of pests.