Prepping Your Home For The Spring Pest Invasion: What You Should Know

Spring is the awakening of everything in nature. Buds are on the trees again, which will bloom into leaves or flowers, plants are coming up from their long winter's nap, and bugs are beginning to make their appearance again in search of food. The latter is most concerning, as they will eventually make their way into your home in order to find what they are looking for. Food outside may still be scarce, but inside, it may be abundant. This is why you need to begin to prep your home for spring pests and prevent an infestation in your home. Read on for some tips to help you achieve this.

Spray The Exterior

Spray your garden beds, and flower beds close to your home with a pesticide. Spray the perimeter of your home with the pesticide around the foundation of your home to protect it from pests such as ants, spiders, fleas, and roaches. If needed, use a granular pesticide that can be sprinkled in your gardens or in your grass to eliminate pests around your home. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging to use these pesticides correctly.

Spray The Interior

Spray the interior of your home around every room in your home, especially on main floor rooms, basements, and crawl spaces to help eliminate and prevent pests in your home. Spray using an indoor use pesticide and keep pets and small children away as you spray your home. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to use it.

Clear Out Clutter

Spring cleaning is a must to help prevent pests in your home this spring. Clear out clutter you have allowed to accumulate in your home during the cold weather months and clear out clutter from outside your home as well where pests may have been nesting throughout the winter months. Clear out landscape debris that is dead and decaying, which can provide a nice cover for these spring pests. Clear out as much clutter inside and outside your home. Clutter can be housing pests such as ants, mice, spiders, and other pests as well.

Hire A Professional

Hire a professional to help you prepare your home for the spring pest awakening. They can help you prepare your home and spray your home thoroughly to prevent these pests from getting into your home in the first place or to get rid of any pests you already have an issue with.

If you have a pest problem, or you have issues with pests during the spring months, use the information above to help you. Hire a professional to assist you in exterminating these pests for you.

For more information about pest control, contact a local company.