Seeing Mosquitoes Inside Your Home? 2 Tips To Control Them

It is common to see mosquitoes outside, but they can also get inside your home. Once they do they start laying eggs and the problem then becomes much worse. Fortunately, there are ways you can control them. Below are two tips on how you can do this, so you won't have to worry about getting bit by these pesky insects.

Control Mosquitoes Yourself

The first thing to do is find where the mosquitoes are inside your home. They like places that are dark and humid, such as in bathrooms, under kitchen and bathroom sinks, under furniture, and in laundry rooms. 

At least once a week empty anything that holds water inside your home. This includes things like saucers flowers sit on, flower vases, and more. Once empty, scrub each of these things or remove them from your home. There may be eggs and larvae in the water that you may not see. Throw the water down the sink then turn on the hot water or throw the water outside far from your home. 

Look at the screens on your windows and if you see any that have holes in them, even very small holes or openings, you need to repair them or replace these screens with new ones. Mosquitoes have no problem getting through tiny spaces. 

If you still see mosquitoes, you can use a mosquito fogger or insect spray that you can purchase at home improvement stores or online. Follow the directions on the label of what you purchase. You may need to use the fogger or spray a second time to kill all mosquitoes, larvae, and eggs. 

Hire a Pest Control Company

If you still have mosquitoes in your home, you need to contact a pest control company. They will start inside your home using a fogger that is stronger than what you can purchase. They will also spray an insecticide inside your home in areas where mosquitoes are often found. 

The pest control contractor will also treat the outside of your home to help prevent mosquitoes from coming back inside. They do this by spraying an insecticide outside on your lawn, around your home, and more. They will need to come back a second time and repeat the process. The pest control contractor will also spray your entire yard with a repellant that will keep the mosquitoes away for a few months. 

No matter what you do you cannot kill every mosquito outside, but these steps will greatly cut down on the amount that you see. 

For more information about mosquito control, contact a local company.