Skunk Coming Back To Your Yard? What You Can Do

Skunks are stinky critters that will continue to come back to the same place if they feel that they have found safety for their family and if they continue to find food. Skunks like to eat berries and leafy greens, as well as other living animals such as birds, snakes, or frogs/toads. These pests will continue to come back to the same place, so you have to get rid of them entirely, or you have to relocate them from your yard to prevent them from returning. Read below for some tips to help you get rid of skunks in your yard.

Fence In Your Garden

One of the things that may be attracting skunks to your yard may be the garden you have growing in it. Your garden may contain something that these pests may find tasty. You should fence in your garden to keep skunks and other pests out of it and to prevent attracting the pests to your yard in the first place. Use a chicken-wire fence or something else that these pests will find difficult climbing to get into the garden.

Clean Up Yard Debris

The debris in your yard may be attracting these pests to your yard as well. If you have a lot of cover for these pests to hide or to nest in, it can attract them, as it provides them with safety. Clean up yard debris such as wood piles, yard waste, trash, compost, and other debris that you have.

Clean Your Landscaping

Your overgrown landscaping may be attracting these pests as well, as it provides them with cover and safety, and it can also be providing them with food as well, depending on the landscaping that is overgrown or that is laying on the ground, such as berries covering the ground, or other fruit that has fallen to the ground. Clean up this type of landscaping to prevent attracting these pests.

Set Traps

You can set traps to catch a skunk that has been invading your yard, but you need to hire a professional to handle this pest for you. The spray a skunk emits can be awful and can linger for a while. They can also be dangerous if you attempt to handle one of these animals on your own. It's best to leave it to a professional pest control company.

If you have skunks in your yard, there's a chance that one skunk has a family nearby. Hire a pest control company to help you get rid of these pests for you.

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