Less-Obvious Signs You Should Call A Pest Control Company

If you're seeing a lot of bugs in your home, then obviously it is a good idea to call a pest control company. But bugs are sneaky. Sometimes, they hide really well, and they can hide out in your home for months before you actually see them. For this reason, you'll want to keep your eyes, ears, and nose peeled for these other signs you may have some sort of a bug infestation.

Unexplained Allergy Symptoms

Many kinds of bugs shed various proteins from their exoskeleton. People often experience allergy symptoms, like sneezing and a runny nose, if they inhale these allergenic proteins. You may also be allergic to the feces of various bugs. (Cockroaches are especially likely to cause this reaction.) So, if you have been experiencing a lot of indoor allergy symptoms and you don't know why, it's worth calling a pest control company. They can come take a closer look, and if they do find any bugs, they can eradicate them before they become a bigger issue.

Coffee-Ground-Like Debris

Are you finding piles of what looks like coffee grounds along your baseboards or in the corners of rooms? This may be frass, which is the excrement of termites. The termites themselves often stay hidden inside walls where you don't see them, but they leave their excrement in more obvious places. Since termites can cause all sorts of hard-to-fix home damage, you don't want to wait and see bugs before you call for help. A pest control company can put out baits, inject the wood, and take other measures to kill the termites.

Odd Odors

People often find that cockroaches have an unpleasant scent that reminds them of old gym socks. Some types of ants can give off bad odors, too. So, if you've cleaned and tidied, yet failed to find a reason for odd odors in your home, pests may be to blame. A pest control company can trace the smells back to their origin and then rid your home of pests.

Holes in Food Bags

Take a look at the plastic and paper bags your foods come in. Do you see any little holes in these bags? The holes may have been made by bugs who were visiting for a snack. Some bugs don't take up residence in the food; they just take some of the food with them, back to their nests. Save the food package to show it to the pest control experts, but then throw it away.

Just because you don't see pests does not mean you don't have them. Call a pest control company if you're noticing any of the problems above.