Effective Guidelines To Help You Control Mosquitoes On Your Premises

Mosquitos are a dangerous nuisance, and nobody wants to have them in their home. They are common during the wet season and in places where people don't care for their yards. As a homeowner, you should always look for signs of mosquito breeding and exterminate them immediately. Here are four pro mosquito control tips that you should understand.

Water Is Your Enemy

When dealing with mosquitoes, you have to remember that standing water will be the biggest challenge you will encounter. Any water pooling in your yard automatically becomes breeding grounds for the larvae, which later turn into mosquitoes. You can control the water problem by ensuring that all outdoor faucets do not leak water. If you have canoes, plastic pools, and other children's toys that can hold volumes of water, consider draining them instead of letting the water sit. If you have depressions in the yard, fill them up with natural stones, mulch, and any other material that helps minimize water pooling.

Get the Home Remedies that Repel Mosquitos

Home remedies go a long way in resolving your mosquito problem. It would be best to try simple solutions like lighting up citronella candles and torches in the parts of your yard where you usually relax with your family. You could also try yellow lighting because mosquitoes dislike it more than white lighting. Also, the insects are light and not adept at flying. If you introduce a fan that will create a gentle whirl of wind on the outdoors, they will have difficulty flying and stop getting too close for your comfort.

Get a Carbon Dioxide Trap

Chemical traps are another viable way to manage mosquitoes. These traps mimic human and animal breath, and they work by burning propane and releasing a very constant carbon dioxide stream. The carbon dioxide emitted attract mosquitoes as a potential blood source. When mosquitoes fly close to the trap, the trap sucks them in and kills them. Depending on the model of the trap, the insects can get caught on the sticky surface or sucked in through a vacuum.

Keep the Yard Tidy

Another helpful tip in keeping the mosquitoes away is tidying up your yard. You can do this by cleaning up all the clutter and junk you find in the yard. Cutting the lawn short and trimming the hedges also minimizes breeding grounds.

These are simple steps you can take to reduce mosquitoes in your yard. They will help you resolve perennial infestation issues in your home. In addition to these, you should also consider getting an exterminator. Reach out to a company like Skeeter Beater that provides mosquito control.