Preventing Termites: What You Can Do

Termites are not a pest that you just have to learn to live with; they may attack your home at some point, but this is something that can be prevented. Pests, including termites, are a preventative pest. They are also a pest that you need to get rid of quickly before they cause too much damage to your home. Termites can attack from above or down below the ground, but either way, they can be prevented. Read on for ways to prevent termites. 

Keep Your Lawn Trimmed And Landscaping Cut Back

You should keep your lawn trimmed and your landscaping, including plants, bushes, and trees all trimmed as well. Termites can come up from the ground, and you don't want to give them any way to get to your home easily. They may be attracted to a yard that has a lot of tall grasses that are holding in the moisture in the ground, as well as overgrown trees that may also be helping to keep your lawn and soil wet. 

Remove Wood Piles, Newspapers Or Cardboard

Termites like moist wood, so if you have wood outside holding in moisture, or you have piles of newspaper or cardboard, this would also be something that termites are going to be attracted to. Remove these items as well to keep termites out of your yard and away from your home. If you keep wood piles in your yard for a wood-burning fireplace, or for an outdoor fire pit, you can keep the wood piles, but be sure to keep them covered to prevent moisture and store them off the ground.

Ensure You Have Proper Drainage Around Your Foundation

You need to be sure you have good drainage around your foundation so you don't have moisture collecting too closely to your foundation walls. If you have moisture around your foundation often, you should add drain tile to the perimeter of your foundation.

Make Repairs To Water Damaged Areas

If you have any type of water damage, such as to a roof, or any exterior walls, doors, or windows, you should have it repaired immediately before termites find this damaged wood and begin to chew through your home, leaving you with expensive repair bills.

Termites are a pest that can be prevented, but if you do have them, be sure to hire a pest control company to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

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