Want To Avoid Termites? See What Might Attract Them And The Right Measures To Take

As a homeowner, you may have experienced a pest infestation at one time or another. However, one of the pest infestations you may never want to encounter again is a termite infestation. Termites are among the most destructive pests any homeowner would like to see around their home. That's why they use various effective pest control measures just to ensure that termites don't find their way into their property. But even as you look for ways to keep termites off your home, you also need to know what could attract them. If termites invade your property time and again, here are likely causes and what you need to do.


If you usually use firewood in your home, you need to consider where you place it. Many homeowners don't know that where they place firewood could cause termites to invade their residential property. Storing firewood near your home comes with more convenience, but you shouldn't ignore its downside. As the termites search for reliable food sources, they will locate the firewood and start feeding on it. They will then look for an entry point into your house. As you store firewood, don't store it near the walls of your house. And if you have to keep timber near your home, treat it to ensure it won't attract termites.


Mulching is an incredible practice when it comes to landscape maintenance. No one wants their beautiful shrubs or trees to dry during the hot season, and that's why they apply mulch. However, be informed that mulch, especially the untreated, organic type, could also be a critical drawcard for pesky pests like termites. 

Some homeowners use newspapers and cardboards as mulching materials, not knowing they are also a good food source for these pests. Mulch isn't just a food source for termites, but it also creates the moist environment they need to survive. So be careful with the kind of mulching material you use because some of them could attract these destructive pests to your property.


Termites love moist areas. If some parts of your home are often moist, they will definitely attract termites. Mainly, plumbing leaks are a huge cause of termite problems in homes. If your shower, vanity, or bathroom is leaking, termites will invade your home with time. That's why you should identify all the moisture sources and check for signs of leaks and do the necessary treatments to keep termites away. A leaky AC unit is among the common sources of moisture in most homes. If yours is leaking, get an expert to fix it before the leaks make your home a termite attractant.

Many homeowners are at risk for termites, but they don't know it. Some of the things you do might end up subjecting you to termite problems. And although you can avoid these attractants, getting routine termite inspections and control services is the best thing you can do.

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