A Lot of Small Holes in Your Vegetable Garden? You May Have Moles

If you see a lot of small holes in your vegetable garden, you might want to consider the possibility of moles. Moles can be beneficial to a garden, such as eating pests that can damage your vegetables. However, moles also love to eat your vegetables, so you should take steps to get them out of your garden. Below are three tips on how you can do this.

Use Plants

There are plants available that will make moles leave your garden. Plant these herbs near the vegetables that are being affected by the moles, such as carrots, beans, potatoes, corn, and peas. Marigolds work well because they have a bad scent to animals. Marigolds will not only deter moles but the other insects that can damage your vegetables. Not only will this flower deter pests in your yard, marigolds will also make your vegetable garden look pretty because they are a bright orange-yellow color.

Castor beans also work well as moles do not like the smell of castor oil. Purchase a plant known as caper spurge and plant this. You will also hear this plant referred to as a mole plant because it works well. 

Use Traps

There are many traps on the market that are used to trap moles. Some of these traps are known as quick-kill traps. If you do not want to harm the moles, you can find traps that only capture them, not kill them. You can then take the moles somewhere away from your area.

To use the trap, you need to find the tunnel the moles use to get to the surface. These tunnels are easy to see as there will be a prominently raised area on the soil. Look for an opening to the tunnels and place the trap there. Check the trap often as most are small and will only hold one or two moles at a time. You can find these traps online or in some pet stores.

Call a Pest Control Company

If you are still having problems with moles, contact a pest control company to remove them for you. Tell the contractor if you want to use humane ways to get rid of moles or if you do not mind if they kill them. The contractor will likely set up traps in your garden. The traps they have are typically more professional than what you can buy, and the contractor will know exactly where to put the traps.

The pest control company you hire can give you many tips on how to prevent moles from coming back into your yard.