Wildlife Removal And Protection Recommendations To Keep Your Home Free Of Pests

Animals and wildlife are all around you and your home and are a natural part of the earth's environment. However, when wildlife becomes a problem in your home's structure, around the exterior, and in your yard, it may be time to use some strategies to protect your home from damage and your family from disease, along with other problems they bring. Here are some recommendations to help you make and keep your home and yard free of unwanted wildlife.

Remove the Attractants

When you are dealing with a wildlife problem around your home, they are usually there because there is a food or water source, or both, around your home and yard. So when you eliminate the problem of food and water, you can prevent the attraction it provides to wildlife. 

Trash outside your home, whether in a trash bin or piled on the ground, is a big attraction to pests, but you need to be diligent in removing it from the area. Use your trash bin to seal up any waste by using its lid. If your trash can has a lid that can easily fall off, you should look at replacing it with a trash can with a stable lid. If your local waste services cannot provide you with a durable lidded waste can, look for one at your local home improvement retailer.

If you have pets, you may keep their food outside. Feed your pets during the day and put the food away at night. This will deter wildlife from staying in your yard. If you grow a garden, be sure to pick up any ripened produce and fruit to keep your yard clean. You can also fence your garden in to keep pests and wildlife out from getting access to the food.

Seal Up Entryways

Animals that are romping around your yard may also try to get into your home through small openings around the roof, siding, and chimney. Seal up any openings, even if they are small, because most wildlife only needs a tiny opening to get into a space such as your attic. Install a chimney cover to keep birds and other small animals out of the chimney and your home. 

Talk to a pest control professional about installing barriers on the outside of your home around common entryways for wildlife. There are gutter guards you can install to keep wildlife from climbing onto your roof, for example, and wire mesh you can use to cover attic ventilation openings to keep out mice and birds. Your pest control professional can also inspect the exterior of your home for any potential openings or current infestations they can help you manage with safe traps and removal. Contact a company that offers residential wildlife removal in your area to learn more.