Ways To Eliminate Moles From Your Yard

A mole's natural habitat is in the outdoors, but, when they take up residence in your yard, their tunneling causes damage to your lawn and landscaping and leaves unsightly mounds throughout your yard. Here are some ways for you to control and get rid of the moles in your yard and keep your landscaping protected from their damaging side-effects.

Leave Out Bait

There are many products available on the market that you can use to bait moles, and many of them are very effective. However, avoid the products that claim to repel moles, because they are not the best options to eliminate moles.

Mole repellents only end up pushing the moles into another area of ground. For example, they may move to your neighbors' yards or into an empty lot nearby and are likely to return to your yard later. A good type of mole bait looks like the mole's food source, such as an earthworm, and kills them quickly. You can set this type of bait inside their tunnels, where they are actively feeding.

Use Yard Traps

Another effective method to get rid of a mole problem in your yard is to buy and use mole traps to catch them. When you can catch the moles, you can get rid of them without pushing them into another's yard or surrounding property.

You can find mole traps online or through a local home and garden retailer. There are several types of mole traps, which can be placed deep inside one of their tunnels or at the tunnel's opening. A mole will dig to reopen a blocked tunnel, which is how a trap is activated and works to trap or kill the mole. 

Be sure, when you handle and place your mole traps, to wear gloves to prevent your odor from getting onto the traps. Because they have a keen sense of smell, moles will be able to smell your odor on the trap and won't go near it, making it ineffective. Also, make sure you place the trap within an active mole tunnel.

Hire a Professional

When you cannot handle the mole extermination yourself, you can hire a professional to complete the service for you. A professional exterminator will come to your property and evaluate the mole's living environment, to determine where the moles are actively tunneling and feeding and how large the population is. Then, they will set up a series of traps to capture all the mole population living in your yard to get rid of them completely.