4 Winter And Spring Pest Control Tips To Prevent Infestations When Weather Gets Warmer

The winter months are a time when you may forget about the pests that can invade properties and homes as the weather gets warmer. Sometimes, pests like ants and other insects may even take to your warm home when the weather is warm out. Here are some winter and spring pest control tips to prevent infestations before the weather gets warmer out.

1. Clean Up All the Yard Debris That Can Be A Haven for Winter Pests

The mess in landscaping from the fall months can create the perfect environment for pests during the winter months. Therefore, it is important to do fall yard work like raking and cleaning up debris around your property. Keeping your landscaping clean will reduce the potential for insects and other pests to nest during the winter months.

2. Use Deterrents to Keep Winter Pests Out of Attics, Crawl Spaces, and Other Areas

There are many types of pests that can get into your house during the winter months to nest. Pests like squirrels and birds will look for holes in attics, crawl spaces, and other areas to get into your home where it is nice and warm. To keep them away, use deterrents like screens to prevent them from getting in while the weather is cold.

3. If you Know About Insect Problems, Treat Them While the Pests Are Dormant in Cold Weather

There may be some pest problems like insects in your landscaping that seemingly disappear when winter arrives. These problems are not gone, and usually, the pests are just dormant during the winter weather. This is a great time to deal with issues like ants and termites in your yard, which can lead to serious pest infestations and damage to property when the weather gets warmer outside.

4. Get an Upper Hand on Pests by Having Treatments Done Early for Landscaping and Your Home

Before the winter weather ends and it gets warmer at the end of spring, you will want to get an upper hand on the pests. This means that you will want to do treatments for landscaping like spraying and installing bait traps. In addition, you will want to have treatments done inside and around the exterior of your home to help keep pests away and under control during the warmer months of the year.

These are some tips to help with dealing with insects and pests this winter and spring before the warm weather comes. If you want to prevent infestations, contact a pest control service for help with treating problems now.