3 Tips For Dealing With Raccoons In Your Attic

Raccoons can be cute, but they are also extremely mischevious and destructive. If you've noticed raccoons on your property and now hear loud scampering noises coming from the attic, raccoons are most likely up there chewing up your ceiling, insulation, and even your electrical wiring. Raccoons can be aggressive when cornered, especially if they've moved into your attic because one is pregnant and looking for a secure place to nest with her young. Here are a few tips for dealing with this situation safely and effectively:

Hire the Right Pest Control Company

When dealing with wildlife like raccoons, it is important for a professional to handle the problem. A pest control company with expertise in residential wildlife removal is the best option. They will have the combination of safety equipment, humane traps, and experience to quickly and safely trap the raccoons and move them to a more appropriate outdoor location far away from your home. The company can then inspect your home to help you determine exactly where the raccoons were getting in, so you can make any needed repairs and implement prevention strategies.

Inspect Your Roof

Once you know how the raccoons were getting in, it's time to inspect your roof, and seal up all of the holes and entry points you find. Cover holes with wire mesh or metal flashing, or if you are unsure how to go about this, hire a local roofing company or general handyman to tackle this task for you. Make sure there are no ladders, beams, or other vertical objects leaning against your home, as raccoons are great climbers and will use these items to get back onto your roof.

Make Your Property Unattractive to Raccoons

Now that the raccoons are gone, you can focus on preventing them from returning. Even if your attic is completely sealed, raccoons can still do damage to the rest of your property, so it's best to make your property less raccoon-friendly. Updating your trash cans to ones with tightly sealed latches is a good start, since raccoons often start hanging around homes because they are scavenging in the trash.

Raccoons are nocturnal and hate bright lights, so adding motion-activated LED lights to your home's exterior will also help keep them away, while making your home more secure at the same time.

Having raccoons in your attic is certainly a nuisance, but by following these tips and working with the right pest control company, you will be raccoon-free before you know it.

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