Do You Have Termites? Signs That Your Home May Be Infested

It is the worst feeling to think that termites have invaded your home. This critter is very destructive and eats wood from the inside out. Termites can cause extensive damage before you are aware of a problem. However, if you spot the infestation, then you can stop major damage to your foundation. It is time to schedule a termite inspection. Read on to find out the signs that your home may be infested.

Look For Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are an obvious sign of a termite problem. They are made of dirt and other matter from the ground. A mud or shelter tube is similar to a tunnel or covered highway. Termites cannot go through cement. To counter this obstacle, they build mud tubes around or over the cement footers. The shelter tubes are located along the house foundation, near pipes, the crawlspace, the chimney and your attic.

Your inspector also will look for cracks in your foundation. It is common to see those cracks filled with shelter tubes when termites are present.

Look For Swarming

Worker termites create what is called exit holes. Exit holes are created in posts, door frames, and baseboards. If you are sitting in your living room, then you may see a termite enter the room through a hole. The critters are usually going toward a light source, a sliding glass door or just crowd around windows. If the termites are unable to find soil, then they will die of dehydration within a few hours.

For these reasons, you will find dead termites or just the wings around your house. The aftermath of the swarming is found on furniture, countertops and window sills.

Check Wood Beams

Many houses have wood beams. During an inspection, the pest control inspector will check the beams in your house. He or she will test the wood using a mallet. It is done by tapping on the wood to check for sound. If the beam sounds hollow, then it could have been damaged. A hollow sound can mean that the wood was attacked by the critters. It also helps to check the inner side of the wood beams for deep grooves. The grooves are signs that termites have been eating at the wood.

After going through an inspection, an exterminator can give you the facts. Your exterminator will also discuss a treatment plan. If you want to make your home pest free, then it time to call in a company like First Choice Termite and Pest Control, Inc.