How to Rid Your Home of Creepy Spiders

Spiders have a reputation for being creepy, but they are actually important for the environment. Still, you don't want to see them in your home, especially since some spiders are dangerous. Spiders usually don't pose much of a problem inside the house since they like to hide, but under the right conditions, their numbers multiply and before you know it, you see spiders everywhere. Here are some tips for getting your spider problem under control.

Get a Professional Pest Treatment

You want to get rid of the spiders in a hurry and the best way to do that is to call a pest control service. The treatment they provide will kill spiders and their food sources. One reason you have a lot of spiders is because they have plenty of food in your home. When pests get out of control, it changes the whole ecosystem of your home.

When there are a lot of roaches, ants, or other bugs around, the spiders will have plenty of food and so they multiply too. That's why professional pest control is so effective. It kills off all the other pests in your home so the spiders that survive the treatment won't have any food to eat and they'll move on.

Clear Out Your Clutter Room

If you're like many people, you have a room where you store all your clutter you're going to deal with one of these days. It could be a spare bedroom, the basement, or your garage. The trouble with a clutter room is that it provides a paradise for spiders because spiders love solitude. Clutter rooms are rarely used, so they're quiet. The things in the room are rarely disturbed, so spiders can spin their webs in all the various nooks and crannies of the spare furniture, boxes, toys, and other clutter.

Although it takes some work, if you organize your clutter room, the spiders won't be so comfortable living in there. Use plastic storage bins to keep things stacked and organized. Use the room as much as possible so there is noise, light, and activity that deters spiders and other pests.

Try Vinegar & Peppermint Oil

Natural methods of pest control aren't as effective as professional methods when you've got an infestation, but it doesn't hurt to use them along with chemical treatments from a pest control company. The natural treatments may keep spiders at bay.

Peppermint oil has a reputation as a natural pest repellent and it makes your house smell good too. Buy some peppermint essential oil and add a few drops to a spray bottle of water. Spritz the mixture inside of cabinets and drawers where it is dark and quiet. The smell might be enough to drive out spiders and keep them from coming back. The odor won't last long, so you'll want to reapply the spray every few days until the spiders are gone.

Vinegar is another option to try. Mix some with water in a spray bottle and use it just like the peppermint oil. It has a strong odor, but the odor goes away in a short time. Spray it into cracks and other places where spiders could be sleeping to drive them out with the noxious odor.

In addition to these tips, you should also take steps to control other bugs in your home. Don't leave out food, fix water leaks, and keep your home clean. By eliminating roaches and ants, the spiders won't want to hang around inside when they can get food more easily elsewhere.

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