3 Rodent Proof Tips To Use In Your Home

Part of controlling the rat population in your home is keeping them out in the first place. Unfortunately, many homeowners have not taken measures to keep the rats out of their home. As a result, they spend time on the defense instead of the offense. To reduce the risk of having rats overrunning your home, here are some tips for rodent proofing it.

Find the Entry Point

One of the most important steps you can take towards ridding your home of rats is to find their entry point. Finding the entry point can take attention to detail and time because of how much moving around the rats do once they are inside the home. However, there are some areas you can start your search.

Your search should begin in the attic. A hole or opening that is barely noticeable could be the entry point. If you do find an entry point there, keep looking. There could be more than one. Extend your search to the exterior of your home.

Block the Entry Points

Once you have determined the entry points for the rats, you need to close them off. Depending on the location of the entry point, you might have to use insulation and drywall to seal off the point.

If you do have to replace insulation, look for one that is labeled rodent-proof. The rodent-proof insulation is reflective and composed of a nylon and metal film. It is important to note that even though the insulation is considered rodent-proof, it does not 100 percent guarantee that rats will not enter your home. Other measures will also need to be taken.

Place Traps Near the Entry Points

Sealing up the entry points does not necessarily guarantee that rats will not find a way into your home. It will make it more difficult, but rats are creative creatures. In addition to blocking the rats' entry points, you need to use pest control to take care of any rats that do find their way into your home.

Traps can be used in areas that are most likely to be populated by rats. This includes placing them near the entry points that were used in the past. If the rats do find a way to get through your barrier, you want to stop them before they move further into your home.

A pest control pro, such as from Patrick Exterminating, can help find other ways to get rid of rats in your home.