How To Deal With Bed Bugs In NJ

Bed bugs are notorious for being the most annoying and hard to get rid of pests out there. They get in the way of sleep, they are seemingly impossible to get rid of, and their bites are extremely itchy. All of these factors make for an annoying pest. Today we're going to talk about how you can deal with bed bugs in NJ without necessarily having to resort to hiring someone. There are many home remedies out there and most of them start with knowing your way around the common bed bug. Bed bugs in NJ are small, nearly red bugs that feed on blood. They can live on some animals but humans seem to be their favorite host. They have been known to survive up to a full year without feeding, so they are very hardy creatures. As their name implies they tend to live in beds so that they have easy access to your body at night. The air you exhale and your body heat both attract the bugs when you lie down to sleep. They then come out and try to find their way to you in order to feed on your blood. Bed bugs tend to eat about once a week which is a helpful thing to know when you're trying to figure out how bad of a problem you have. When bed bugs are feeding on you they tend to move around when you do. This makes it so you'll have bites in clusters. Count up the clusters and see how many more you're getting a night. In this way you should be able to get a good grasp on how bad your problem is. There's no exact science here since some bed bugs won't fill up all the way in one night, but it's a good place to start. The next step in getting rid of bed bugs in NJ is finding them and destroying them. This can be very complex due to how mobile bed bugs are. Oftentimes when you get up in the morning they end up accidentally staying on your skin. This then gives them the opportunity to live wherever you end up during the day. Generally you'll see them most where you sit the most and where your clothes are. This includes, but is not limited to, your dressers, closet, couches, beds, and chairs. The main area that they live in is the bed, however, and here's how you should search your bed for bed bugs in NJ. Bed bugs hide out during the day. They are purposefully going to put themselves out of the way of human eyes. This means you have to look in places that you can't normally see. For example, the most common spot you'll find these pests is in the folds of your box spring. Box springs have a cloth covering on top that has folds in it as it goes around corners. These folds give great hiding spots during the day and great access to your body at night. Search these areas thoroughly. Last but not least clean up as much as you're able. Bed bugs thrive in dirty areas because they can hide out better. If you use a vacuum make sure you take out the canister and throw away the contents as soon as you're done. Bed bugs usually survive the process of getting sucked up and will eventually make their way out of your vacuum. Doing all of these things should give you a great head start at getting rid of bed bugs for good. You deserve a good night's sleep. For further information, check out Cavanaugh's Professional Termite & Pest Services. Share